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Cars Used Ontario Buying From a Dealership Instead of a Used Car Lot

Image by Getty Images via Daylife   True Story … Had a lady come into our dealership who was looking for a XC90. She wasn’t sure if she wanted a new or used one, but had always liked the look and knew that was what she wanted. We scheduled a time for her to come […]

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Cars Used Ontario Car History Reports Which Do I Go By?

Image by Fatty Tuna via Flickr   When you are shopping for a good, quality used car one of the most asked questions about the car is “has it been in an accident?” Among other things, it is the Dealerships responsibility to disclose a vehicle’s accident history. When you are shopping cars used in Ontario […]

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New or Used Car Buying in Canada Can Be Fun!

New or used car buying in Canada can be a daunting task, but, it doesn’t have to be!  At Cars Canada For Sale you’ll find good solid information that will help you make an informed car buying decision … AND … have fun in the process. I know … I know … how rare is that!! MY […]

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