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2009 S40 Volvo Demo Available for Sale

  If you are looking for a vehicle that has great fuel economy (7.0L/100 kms Highway, 10.0L/100 kms City), has a versatile interior and longevity then this S40 Volvo is a car to consider. Our 2009 S40 Volvo has 14,000 kms (Demo Model), Barents Blue exterior and Gray T-Tec interior. It has the balance of a […]

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Cars Used Ontario – Use Car Dealers

Image by Getty Images via Daylife There are previous posts here that will take you through the steps that can help you find a good quality used car. What I wanted to do was explain the difference between buying from an ABC lot and from a Dealership. Not all used car dealers are created equal and […]

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Cars Used Ontario Car History Reports Which Do I Go By?

Image by Fatty Tuna via Flickr   When you are shopping for a good, quality used car one of the most asked questions about the car is “has it been in an accident?” Among other things, it is the Dealerships responsibility to disclose a vehicle’s accident history. When you are shopping cars used in Ontario […]

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