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Car Lease Payment Do I Put Money Down?

Image by tanjila via Flickr One of the big advantages that leasing a new car has over financing a new one  is the payment. When you finance a new car you are paying for the whole car, all the taxes and fees.  With a car lease your payment is based on the amount of car you […]

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One Time Lease Payment – Is It Worth It?

You may see this car leasing option more readily available than before. A one time lease payment is based on a set term (24, 36 or perhaps 48 months) and instead of making the monthly auto lease payment over your term, you make one payment which covers the whole term. Now if you have the […]

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Car Lease Payment

There are many advantages to car leasing vs car buying and one of those is of course the car lease payment. When you lease a car you are paying for the amount of car that you are driving over a set period of time. The GST/PST that you are paying is based on the payment […]

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