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carcostcanadaEveryone wants THE BEST DEAL when they are buying a car, or anything for that matter. All the brands are offering some excellent incentives and interest rates to earn your business. It boils down to finding the right vehicle that is going to meet your needs, fit within your lifestyle and of course works within your budget.

If you are not aware of them there is a website site
where you pay a membership fee of $39.95 and you can get quotes from participating dealers on a new vehicle. You want to check this out first, but I believe you are able to get five quotes from five different brands, so if you have a wish list this will certainly help you get started.

Through your membership you receive the lowest price based on the actual dealer invoice price on new cars. It saves you time in haggling over a price, aggravation if you don’t like to haggle in the first place, and of course money.

Does it work? Ahhh the $64,000 question! From my end when I receive a quote, you get ALL the manufacturer’s incentives and programs, you also receive pricing base on the invoice pricing for new cars PLUS if you actually purchase a car from me as a result, I give you back your $39.95 membership fee.

Participating dealers have to pay a fee to belong to Cars Cost Canada so it is obviously in their best interest to make the most of that fee and give you THE BEST PRICE!

It’s like anything else … buyer beware, but like I said above it certainly does give you little bit more insight for when you start going through the buying process.

It’s worth your time to at least check it out and just see. Some customers feel that the membership fee is money well spent … you be the judge!

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  • kredyt gotówkowy says:

    Interesting post about this company. What kind of rates are the banks charging the MFIs for these loans?


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