New Car Buying Center – Consider a Demo?

Utrecht: Verkerk Leidsche Rijn Volvo

When people come into our dealership looking to buy a new car, a great many overlook the possibility of getting into a demo.

A demo model is one that has been driven by a sales person or management and has kms on it. How many typically depends on the dealership, you will find kms on a demo anywhere from 7,000 kms or over.

A demo that is within the same model year is still eligible for all the manufacturer programs and incentives. On top of that you can save on some of the fees like; fuel tax, air tax, PDI and freight. In some cases that could save you $1500 or more, again depending the dealer group and their policies.

It is a very viable option for you, especially if you want to benefit from the savings and don’t mind the fact that it has kms on it.

Keep that in mind when you are looking to buy a new car and don’t forget to ask the dealer if they have any demo models!

Image by harry_nl via Flickr

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