Cars Used Ontario – How to Buy a Used Car

howtobuyausedcarBuying a used car, actually even a new car can be quite a daunting task for a lot of people. If you develop a strategy for yourself, however, you can reduce the stress of how to buy a used car greatly.

The how to buy a used car is a process, just like anything. One thing that I usually suggest to my customers is that they break the process down into steps. It makes things a little easier and the task doesn’t seem as daunting or stressful.

The whole process of how to buy a used car pretty much starts with you, and looking at things like:

1. Is there a brand or a specific car I have seen on the road that appeals to me right now?

2. Is terms of options what MUST I have in my next used vehicle? (keep in mind that buying a used car isn’t like buying a new car where there are several different colours available with specific option groups etc.)

Next you want to do some research on used cars and the best place to go is online. The internet has certainly helped us on the “how to buy a used car” by providing us with some great sources of information and allows us to do a little price comparisons as well. Places you want to visit would be sites like:

1. Canadian Driver This site is excellent for gaining some real insight into the used car(s) you are considering. They also provide you with some other helpful likes as it relates to a brand itself. It is a site that I use on a regular basis and I like because it is based on Canada used cars.

2. Car Insurance Canada Canadian auto insurance companies differ by as much as $900 based on the same coverage. We tend to call maybe one or two Canadian auto insurance companies, at best, and use that as a guage.

This site provides you with insurance quotes Canada for up to ten insurance companies. It will give you an idea as to what your insurance premium will be based on the used car you a looking at. When you go through the list they give you, don’t forget to capture the phone number of the insurance company and the quote number, that way you have it later when it comes time to insuring your use car.

3. Auto Trader Trader is a good site to use for not only cost comparisons between dealers but if narrows the search down. Instead of going from dealership to dealership to see if they have the car you are looking for, you know who has it specifically. Saves a lot on time and certainly helps you with your budget as well in knowing what the going asking price is for the used car you are interested in.

The whole “how to buy a used car” process truly does start with you and the used car you want to buy, your budget and of course taking your car insurance premium into account.

You might have read this and thought “well, ya” but you would be surprised how many people come onto a dealership lot and really have no idea what sort of car they want, let alone how much they want to pay or even what the insurance is going to be.

These are all things that tie together and make the used car buying experience more enjoyable (yes, for real!!). When you take the time to do your research you are that much more informed and reduce your risks greatly!

Next time we will look at visiting the dealership!

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