Cars Used Ontario Car History Reports Which Do I Go By?

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When you are shopping for a good, quality used car one of the most asked questions about the car is “has it been in an accident?”

Among other things, it is the Dealerships responsibility to disclose a vehicle’s accident history.

When you are shopping cars used in Ontario there are typically three reports that are used by Dealerships. These reports are:

1. CARFAX – the most popular one, we see CARFAX advertisements everywhere so of course it is the one that is most referred to when asking about a car accident history.

2. CARPROOF – is Canadian based and provides you with good detail about the used car you are interested in.

3. UCDA Vehicle Report – the majority of Dealerships are members of the Used Car Dealers Association and therefore use this report.

Out of these three is there one that is better over the other?

Even though it is the one most widely referred to CARFAX is a US based company, much of the information pertaining to a Canadian used car either isn’t available or isn’t as up to date as it should be. If you recall as well, it was Marketplace that did a segment about CARFAX and how the information on their Canadian used cars wasn’t totally accurate.

CARPROOF and the UCDA Vehicle Report are the most relevant because they are Canadian based. Their reports tell you if a used car was registered anywhere else in Canada or if the vehicle itself originated in the US (very important). It will also provide you with lien information as well.

CARS USED ONTARIO – USED CAR BUYING TIP …I have helped friends by a used car from time to time and through the course of their used car shopping we have visited a great many dealerships. The brand dealerships offering used cars will typically use the UCDA Vehicle Report because they are members of that Association. The “mom and pop lots,” in my experience, may use the UCDA but more often than not they have nothing. When they have been asked to produce the report they will do it, but you can tell they aren’t too happy about doing it. I even had one guy tell me that he would give me an Accident Report after I buy the car, because it costs $40.00 per history report. (Ok, I hope you see something wrong with that!). DO NOT accept the verbal confirmation that a vehicle hasn’t been in an accident. Ask to see either the UCDA Vehicle Report or CARPROOF.


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