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True Story … Had a lady come into our dealership who was looking for a XC90. She wasn’t sure if she wanted a new or used one, but had always liked the look and knew that was what she wanted.

We scheduled a time for her to come in and she took both a new and the used one I had out for a test drive. She liked both but what it really boiled down to was getting into a monthly payment that would work for her without having to worry. We spent a couple of hours together and by the time she left had all the information she needed on both vehicles.

She didn’t end up buying from me and the only reason was due to the monthly payment she wanted to be at. She decided to go to a used car lot instead because she found a XC90 there that was cheaper than the one I had for sale. It happens, but … if you are going to look at a vehicle on a used car lot, OTHER THAN a dealership … keep these things in mind:

We (meaning dealerships and used car lots) all buy vehicles for our used car lots at the same place, the auction. Right now there is a huge demand for used Volvos and a very limited supply, so it stands to reason that we would give a long hard look at ALL Volvos that go through.

You really need to keep that in mind, when you see a vehicle, like a Volvo on a used car lot and ask yourself why? Why, if there is such a huge demand and a short supply of good Volvos would a car like that be on a used car lot rather than at a dealership?

There could very well be a reason, like:

1. It was in an accident. I am talking considerable damage, or

2. It was a vehicle brought in from the US. Some might not mind the fact that it is a US car, because it is a great deal, but is it really? Think in terms of the type of weather conditions the US has had with flooding, etc. ALL those vehicles didn’t just get gathered up crushed never to be seen again. They were cleaned up, fixed and sent somewhere. Also think in terms of warranties. If having some sort of vehicle service plan is important to you, you might want to check first to see if there is something available for you.

I am not saying that buying a used car from a lot other than a dealership is bad. Just make sure you do your homework. The car looks fantastic and it is at an awesome price to boot … WHY??

The XC90 my customer purchased was a US vehicle. She said she had it checked (which is a good thing). She came into the Parts Department because the Rear DVD didn’t have the Remote or the Wireless Headsets that were suppose to be with it … hmmmm

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