Short Term Car Lease What Is the Shortest Term?

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Short term car leasing is certainly pretty helpful in situations where perhaps:

1.  You don’t necessarily know what type of vehicle you want to get into;

2.  You aren’t sure if you want to make a full committment to a longer term because your personal situation will change due to job, etc.

It could be any number of reasons for not getting into a longer term car lease, but the option of a short term lease will certainly buy you some time to think things through.

Check and make sure what the shortest term lease is. Typically, manufacturer’s shortest term lease is 24 months. You can however check places like and pick up a short term lease for a reasonable rate. Sometimes, depending on what you are after, there are incentives for assuming someone’s lease as well. You just have to look and read what people are offering.

Good Luck!


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