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buying-vs-leasingOne of the top questions I received on a day to day basis is “Is there still leasing available?”

As it relates to Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep, with the financing rates being so much more aggressive, you are certainly better off to finance as oppose to lease any longer.

I know, I know … if you have been a leasee for a number of vehicles then you are not happy to hear that.


If you stop and think for a quick second, there are a few aspects to financing your next car rather than leasing that present some very valid advantages. These are really worth taking into consideration before jumping for the next car leasing opportunity!

Advantages to Financing vs Leasing Your Next Vehicle

1. KM Overage

With financing you are going to own this car so you don’t have to keep your eye on the odometer. Whereas with the lease you were capped at so many kms/year and anything over you are penalized at so much per km over.

2. Damage

Obviously it bites if you get dings on your car, however, with a finance again it’s your car so you can choose to have the vehicle repaired or not. With a lease unless you purchase the Worry Free XS Coverage (covers you for up to $3500.00 worth of damages) then those damages have to be paid for before the car goes back.

3. An Asset

If you finance a vehicle you own it. You have the freedom of trading it in when you are tired of it, keeping it it, selling it, gifting it. You name it, you have the option of doing whatever you want. With a lease you do not have ownership, you are essentially renting the car for a set period of time. At the end of course you have the option of owning by buying it out, but not until then.

There is leasing available through leasing companies, however, as it relates to Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep on the manufacturer level, they haven’t provided us with a lease option.


Don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of the lower interest rates for financing and the excellent incentives that are on the go. There are amazing deals out there that certainly make the switch worthwhile!

If you have ANY questions concerning your lease, contact me for more Info

I will be more than happy to work with you!

If your lease is up and you aren’t sure what things you need to know … skip over to Car Leasing Center – My Car Lease Is Up … Do I Have Options?

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