Car Insurance Quote New Driver – Insuring Your Teen

ALWAYS Compare Rates


It’s an exciting time in the household when a son or daughter is ready to get behind the wheel of your car. Exciting for them, but most parents feel it can be a headache. Getting a car insurance quote new driver, doesn’t have to be a headache and if you are smart it won’t cost you a lot in your insurance premium either!

Think About Insurance When …

If your teen has the first level of their driver’s license (in Ontario it’s the G1, elsewhere in Canada it’s a Class 7), they are to have a licensed driver in the car with them at all times. Because they are under this constant supervision, insurance companies do not consider them a high risk for accidents and are not required to be added to your insurance policy.

The minute their license changes (G2 Ontario, Class 5 everywhere else), they do need to be insured and you’ll have to add them to your insurance policy. When it is time to add them don’t forget to shop for rates. You can get a Canada car insurance online quote and see by how much your rate will be affected from several companies at once and decide from there which way to go.   Continued

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