Auto Insurance Quotes in Canada – You’re In The Driver’s Seat

When it comes to Canada car insurance there are two facts:

Fact #1

Regardless of what Province, City or Town you live in Canada – EVERYONE MUST have car insurance.

Fact #2

Sadly there are too many of us who overpay for our auto insurance in Canada because we don’t shop around for the best rates.

Why don’t we shop? It usually boils down to two answers:

1. It doesn’t matter which car insurance company in Canada I choose, I will just end up paying the same car insurance premiums.

2. Shopping for auto insurance rates in Canada are for people who need new driver car insurance or those who need high risk car insurance

If you believe that all auto insurance companies in Canada charge the same premiums and that shopping rates for car insurance is for the newbie or high risk driver then you could be losing money. 

Auto insurance rates in Canada vary hugely from company to company, even based on the same coverage.

In November 2006 a study was done comparing 8,000 online auto insurance quotes for people with no tickets, no accidents or claims. Each person was provided with a car insurance quote from the TOP 10 car insurance companies in Canada. For each person the lowest and highest auto insurance premium was then recorded and an average was calculated. The results showed that auto insurance rates varied on average by $900.00 FOR THE SAME COVERAGE.                                         
source: study Nov 2006


Let’s face it when it comes to insurance premiums today, don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your budget to check to see if you are getting the BEST RATE?

Check car insurance rates in Canada and see where you stand.

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